Equestrian Events Center and Home of the John Volken Academy

In 2013, the John Volken Foundation purchased the ranch as the third campus of the JVA. John Volken Academy Ranch is an equestrian center catering to horse boarding and special events. The Ranch Store at WHR sells equestrian, dog, cat and small animal feed and supplies. The students live at WHR in a new state-of-the-art student center and help manage the facilities.

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

-Robert Collier

Ranch Life Teaching Real Life

The ranch environment provides a unique atmosphere for our students to learn the life skills needed to maintain life-long sobriety. The combination of Arizona sunshine, dirt, animals, agriculture and hard work have a healing effect on their mind, body and soul.

John Volken Academy students practice healthy living every day. This is often a challenge, as changing a negative lifestyle into a healthy one is not easy. Our students get up at a regular time Monday through Saturday and have a healthy breakfast, followed by structured chores and responsibilities. They participate daily in Life-Skills Training which includes career training, group sessions, community activities, and various personal development sessions.

The covered arena at John Volken Academy Ranch offers a year-round venue for equestrian events. The students prepare the facility for the events including handling the animals and operating the tractors. During the events they manage a concession stand and are on call to meet the unpredictable needs of the visiting guests. These events provide the perfect laboratory for the students to practice their new life skills with the general public.

Additional Student Responsibilities:

  • Feed and care for horses, chickens, pigs and steer
  • Work in The Ranch Store at Welcome Home Ranch
  • Grow, maintain and cook from a garden
  • Work on various construction projects around the ranch
  • Maintain irrigation and ranch landscaping
  • Option to receive certification in welding

Come and Tour Welcome Home Ranch

We invite you to come and tour Welcome Home Ranch and meet our inspiring students. Welcome Home Ranch is located on the Northeast corner of Val Vista and Hunt Hwy in Gilbert, Arizona. We look forward to meeting you!