Winning the Battle With Addiction

Becoming the Best Versions of Themselves

Graduates of the John Volken Academy are prepared with all the tools they need for life-long sobriety. They enter the program broken and ready to change their life. Once in the program, they undergo a rigorous process of identifying and correcting the behaviors that led to their addiction. They work hard with in a variety of responsibilities improving self-confidence and self-esteem. Over the two-year period they transform into the best version of themselves and are prepared for a new future of life-long sobriety.

Donating to the John Volken Academy at Welcome Home Ranch will allow more struggling addicts the opportunity to change their life. Join us in the battle against addiction!

Meet Alex

Alex started using drugs and alcohol at the age of fifteen. He served in the Army, got married but eventually succombed to his addiction. After losing his wife he found himself homeless and sleeping in a public bathroom. Alex chose to change his life and enroll in the John Volken Academy at Welcome Home Ranch. Alex is a true cowboy at heart and spent most of his time working with the horses at the ranch. Alex now has a desire to be a good man and is looking forward to life-long sobriety. He is grateful for the John Volken Academy and hopes to pay forward the generosity shown to him.

Meet Tate

Tate’s successful career in sports began at an early age. In high school he played quarterback and led his team to a state championship. He went on to play college baseball and football. Once the sports were over, he lost focus and spiraled into a drug and alcohol addiction that cost him everything. Eventually he was homeless and decided to make a change by enrolling in the John Volken Academy. The program taught him how to finish a job from start to finish with personal integrity. He fell in love with gardening and found physical and spiritual healing. He is carving his own path to his future of sobriety.

Meet Cameron

Cameron started using drugs and alcohol in junior high. His addiction continued through high school and led to isolation and homelessness. He was ready to take his own life to escape the chains weighing so heavily on him. Through some divine intervention, Cameron chose to live and enrolled in the John Volken Academy at Welcome Home Ranch. In the Program, Cameron developed self-confidence and took pride in his work. He managed the landscaping at the ranch and found healing in the therapeutic side of working with nature. Cameron thanks the John Volken Academy for giving him his life back.

Meet Ryan

Ryan attended nine other addiction treatment centers before coming to the John Volken Academy. All of the other treatment centers did not offer the long-term care Ryan needed to overcome his addiction. Despite not particularly caring for horses, Ryan enjoyed the ranch life and responsibilities and learned how to take pride in his work and care about what happened to him. Ryan graduated from the John Volken Academy with a new purpose in life. His purpose is to not only live a life of sobriety but to achieve his academic and vocational potential.

Meet Christian

Christian’s battle with alcoholism left him in a hole he didn’t know how to dig himself out of. After several failed attempts to stay sober on his own, he chose to change his life and enroll in the John Volken Academy at Welcome Home Ranch. In the Program, Christian was given the responsibility of running the tractor. It gave him time to reflect on his life and his goals. Serving in leadership positions in the program helped him gain confidence in himself and inspire and motivate the other students. Christian is now optimistic about his future and is ready to take one day at a time.