The Therapeutic Community

In contrast to learning how to live a simpler life at Welcome Home Ranch, the students are enrolled in a highly-structured and disciplined program designed to retrain how they cognitively deal with challenges and make decisions.

Each One Teach One

A Therapeutic Community (TC) goes much further than simply helping individuals stop using drugs and alcohol. Our TC provides a supportive environment where our students learn why they used and where they can develop all the tools necessary to stay sober. Within the TC, students change their destructive attitudes, behaviors, values, and lifestyles. Lasting recovery takes time. Learning a totally new lifestyle cannot be achieved in a short-term program. To expect people with a long history of addiction to turn their lives around and maintain sobriety after only a few months of treatment is simply unrealistic. This is why treatment in a TC lasts between 2 to 5 years.

The motto of our TC is “each one, teach one”. This implies that individuals assume responsibility not only for their own recovery, but also for the recovery of their peers. They recognize the recovery of each member is related to the recovery of all and conduct themselves accordingly—in turn, reinforcing their own recovery. Personal growth and proper living are achieved by peers serving as role models, providing support through interaction, and confronting each other in group sessions. By doing all of this, participants come to understand and resolve the cause of their addiction and also gain the tools they need to stay sober.

Progression Through Levels of Performance

During the Program, students progress through six levels of advancement towards graduation. They are closely monitored and consistently receive feedback from their peers, senior managers, and the program director. Each new level requires a higher standard of performance. Before advancing to the next level, students must meet the requirements of the new level. This motivates students to continue striving for higher goals. As they progress, students are provided with increased opportunities, responsibilities, leadership positions, and privileges.

Education and Graduation

Many of our students were using drugs and alcohol in high school and college and are now unlocking the potential of their sober minds.

While educational seminars and workshops are always ongoing at the John Volken Academy, post-secondary education is also an integral part of our Program. Once students are firmly settled in the Program and show interest in furthering their education, they have the opportunity to enroll in on-line courses in their area of interest through schools and universities throughout the country. Students spend approximately 2 hours per day, Monday through Friday, on these advanced studies. The success rate is outstanding. Many students who struggled in high school are now excelling in their education. In their pursuit of excellence, they are pushing themselves academically and developing strength in areas they never imagined possible.

Our commitment to providing access to higher education furthers our mission of being a world leader in effective addiction treatment and challenging every student to become the best that they can be—mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

In order to graduate, our students are required to secure an employment opportunity and housing arrangements. The graduate is enrolled in our Aftercare Program and continues to receive support and guidance as they transition into their new life.